I help women create and style wardrobes with classic and timeless pieces that make looking stylish effortless. One of the ways I do this is by finding luxury for less. I offer style advice, shopping tips, and discount hunting for the busy woman who doesn’t have time to do it herself. This blog will be a reference and a resource for you.


Shopping and style are my passion. It’s who I am and what I love. I am the woman with the extra bedroom turned into a closet. The woman that everyone calls for style advice and to borrow clothes. My closet is a mix of designer labels (bought at a discounted price) and $12 dresses. Real style doesn’t come with an expensive price tag. Real Style comes from expressing who you are with the clothes you wear.


This blog is for the women who believe that when you look good, you feel good. I am here to help you look your best by providing simple and timeless style suggestions. A closet of quality clothing with a few standout pieces will take you from the boardroom to the lunchroom and every event between the two. I keep up with the trends, but I don’t follow them. Trends come and go; style is forever.

Real Life. Real Style.