We All Fall Down // Weekly Update

We All Fall Down

What a week! It’s fall ya’ll, and I’m feeling it in more ways than one. The weather, the holidays, the pavement. Let me explain…


I began the week with a packed schedule. Have you ever done that? Is it a fall transition thing? Your schedule is so full that you have no room to breathe, but you think you’re a badass and you can get it all done. It turns out I err more on the human side than the badass side of all the #girlbosses I aspire to be, and a few things got rescheduled (twice) or completely overlooked. But it’s fine. I am giving myself grace, and I focused on the most important first. I tried to help others before I did what I had scheduled and it was very satisfying. Kindness is contagious. If someone asks me a question or needs a small moment of my time, then I’m here for them. Being kind and helping others makes me a happier person.


My schedule included a local event with other influencers in Chattanooga. It was great to get out and about with all the hot young things in town and go to all the happening places in my city. The first place I went to was the local boutique Antibes. It was amazing. Antibes has high-end clothing for every style. I bought half the store. Later we went to The Camp House, a place where people work, meet, and collaborate around food, drink, and social events. We also went to Alimentari and Old Gilman Grill where we enjoyed cocktails and spirits. The night ended at The Moxy Hotel. It’s filled with every conceivable form of expression. I want to live there! While at The Moxy we had cocktails made with Lass & Lions Vodka. It’s a local craft vodka infused with functional herbs, and it is unbelievably good.


The Moxy is where it got real. When I was walking in, with my pimp cane, I missed a step and took a nose dive. While surrounded by a crowd of “influencers,” I literally fell on my face. All the hot young things were looking at the old lady with her cane who just fell going up the stairs. I did not feel cool at this moment. I felt a little panicked and embarrassed. I summoned the most powerful mantra I could, “What would Beyoncé do?” I got up, I put a big smile on my face, and kept it moving. I enjoyed the rest of my night because I know that everyone will stumble and fall (even Beyoncé), all that matters after you fall is that you get back up and keep going. Resilience is my middle name, so although I took a fall at an event, it will never keep me down. However, I did learn how important it is to always watch where I’m going, the road ahead is different than the road I’ve already traveled.


Your turn…

How was your week? Have you ever had an embarrassing moment like this? How did you recover? Tell me all about it in the comments.


Photo by: Sherika Mathis Sims



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    1. You are so sweet! We can only have coffee if it’s at The Camp House! I can’t wait to get over there and try everything!

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