Tuesday Ten | End Of Summer

End Of Summer

This weeks Tuesday Ten is focused on the end of summer. There are so many good sales right now to purge the summer merchandise and make room for all the fall goodness. It may be the end of summer, but it will be 900˚ here for months so I am still in vacation mode and I am stocking up on all the good deals I can find.


𝟏. The sun is not my friend. I recently went to the beach, and even though I wore SPF 50 with zinc oxide, I still got burned. It was not pretty. The sun takes no prisoners. I remember the days of my youth when I could lay out with baby oil and no cares in the world, good times. Now I turn red the minute I walk outside, and the melasma on my face rears it’s ugly head and scares away the children faster than I hit the snooze button on gym days. My skin seems to be my most fragile organ so I am doing everything I can to step up my skincare game. After this past trip, I’m thinking I need a veil to wear over over my hat to completely block the sun from hitting my face at all.


𝟐. While at the beach I carried my Saint Laurent tote as my beach bag. I purchased this right before my birthday trip specifically for this reason. The Saint Laurent tote has been sold out for months, but Burberry makes an equally luxurious (and expensive) tote, Kate Spade has an adorable, but much less expensive tote and Tommy Bahama has the cutest linen tote with a flamingo that I am seriously considering. My friend thought my tote was a little extra, but I’m a little extra so… She preferred this bag I picked up for under $20. I have a thing for expensive bags; which is probably why I’m always chasing sales for my clothes and shoes.


𝟑. Speaking of shoes… when I hit all the sales last week (read about those here), I found the cutest pair of Brother Vellies slides. Cute sandals are the only reason I’m happy that it’s warm hot as hades until October in the South. I found less expensive versions of these slides here, here, and here.


𝟒. Zella leggings really are as good as they say. I have heard so many people rave about these leggings for so long and I finally got a pair. They are high waisted so they hold in my mom gut. They are also so soft and comfortable. My favorite thing about these leggings is the fact that they cost half the price of the Nike leggings I have been loyal to for years. They are on sale right now during the Nordstrom anniversary sale so I got two more pairs.


𝟓. I had my hair cut right above my shoulders and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. It’s a big change for me as I’ve had the same hairstyle for about 10 years. It had to be done because my hair was so unhealthy, like my eating 20% or more of the time (so much more). The stylist recommended I switch to Redken All Soft , use It’s a 10 Leave-In treatment , and use coconut oil as a hair mask once a week. So many things. Aging hair is real and it makes me a little sad, but whatever. It’s a haircut, the end of an era. It can only get better from here or something positive.


𝟔. Another way I tried to keep my hair a little healthier at the beach was by wearing a hat. This is something completely new to me but I am embracing it. I got the hat in the photo at Forever 21 for $2.50. I thought it was a little plain so I tied this scarf around it. Beach hats are on sale right now for cheap and I found some cute ones here, here, and here. End of the season is the best time to find novelty items for almost nothing.


𝟕. I have tried every Vitamin C serum, lotion and potion known to man and Drunk Elephant is by far my favorite. I notice a huge difference in my skins texture when I use this Vitamin C serum as opposed to when I use any of the other Vitamin C serum. I personally like the consistency of this one as well. It’s very thin so it applies more like a serum than a cream.


𝟖. Last week when I was feeling bad I also read The Last Mrs. Parrish. It was one of the best books I have read since Behind Closed Doors , and I loved that book! It is told from the perspective of both wives of Mr. Parrish, and it was the type of book I could not put down. You definitely will not regret reading this one.


𝟗. Recently I stumbled upon this Wicker Basket Tote  on Amazon and it opened my eyes to a whole world of shopping that I am completely unfamiliar with. I use Amazon to shop for almost everything, except fashion. But I’m all over it! I also found this Straw Crossbody Bag  under $25, this Cult Gaia dupe for $40, this Clear Crossbody Bag, and this Clear handbag  that looks exactly like the one I paid much more than $25 for.


𝟏𝟎. The first thing my son said when I got home from vacation was, “Will you please wash some clothes?” It’s no ones favorite chore at my house. Actually, no one likes chores at my house. Anyway, when I wash his clothes I, use Glamorous Wash in Diva and he smells like an angel when he walks by. I mix unscented Tide and 2 capfuls of Diva Wash in my washing machine. I also use Diva Wash on my sheets and throws. The fragrance from this was is the best thing ever, especially if you’re washing boy’s clothing. Trust me.

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  1. 1. Love your cute hat with the scarf! Hats are definitely a must for spf too.
    2. I like yourt hair short. I wish I was brave enough to try.
    3. Love that this post if chock full of good info!!

    xx jenifer

    1. I got this hat for a steal! I am adjusting to the short hair, My hair was damaged so I had to cut it. You have gorgeous hair don’t touch it! Thank you for reading the post!

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