The Tree Lost But Mom Won

The Tree Lost But Mom Won

This year my son decided to decorate the tree. He put about 15 ornaments on it, maybe 30 but it was nothing compared to The Crazy Christmas Lady tree. Then he stopped, saying it was a lot harder than he thought. He asked me to redo it for him which of course I finally did it, a week before Christmas, but hey it’s done now.  He also gave me a long guilt trip saying I ruined his Christmas spirit. He ruined my lazy Christmas so…can we just call it even and have a minimalist tree with zero Christmas spirit in the house? I have other spirits (I may or may not be talking about booze).


I finally summoned the Christmas spirit, meaning I poured myself some booze and decorated the tree. It is not up to my standards at all but whatever. And I didn’t buy any new ornaments this year because I was not even stressing over a Christmas tree. This is my idea of being naughty (I am so old). No shopping crowds, I did all my shopping on the interwebs. I didn’t cook big huge meals, I had everything catered and delivered. Basically, I did as little as possible because I needed a break.


I was naughty, so what. I don’t care if Santa stops by or not. I’m independent; I can buy my own gifts. Thank you, don’t stop by. Oh wait, I am still single. Maybe I have been asking for the wrong things all these years. Nah, I can shop for that on the interwebs too {ha}. Sorry, I digress. I was talking about the tree, and now I’m talking about being independent and taking care of everything by myself (can you say #momlife), which is exactly what I had to do with the tree.


The greatest gift was when my son admitted that I made decorating the tree look a lot easier than it was. Oh, son if you only knew how often I do that. Every. Damn. Day. If all children only knew how often all moms do that! Every. Damn. Day. It’s never as easy as it looks. Never. My son and I giving each other a hard time over who can do a better job was a great gift this year, probably because he admitted defeat but that may or may not be my pride. I won, moms always do.


So to all the moms out there, I applaud you and I know in my heart that one day, your child will admit defeat to you too. When was your last win as a mom? Tell me in the comments.



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