The Procrastination Is Real // Weekly Update

The Procrastination Is Real

My vacation is officially over, and the procrastination is real. While I am thankful to be alive, I have a great life, health is wealth, and all that jazz; vacation was a lot more fun. I’m just sayin’.


Not only did I freak out about returning home from vacation, so did my skin. The interwebs are filled with articles about this happening. I chose to ignore them all. Breakouts can be caused by stress (brought on by travel prep), cabin pressure, or a change in diet and schedule. I experienced all of these, and I have the battle wounds on my face to prove it. Ouch. For my next trip, I will DRINK MORE WATER, keep my diet in check (maybe, I’ll attempt this one), and I am getting one of those bougie face sprayers like this one to use during the flight.


The week before I left for vacation, the side mirror on my car got smashed. Okay, I smashed the side mirror on my car. I chose to wait until I returned home to have it repaired. While driving on the freeway, the mirror part came out of the frame. It proceeded to bang against my car door for a good five miles. At least the wire was holding it into the frame so that it didn’t smash into the windshield of another car. This incident got me thinking about my procrastination (it’s a problem). If I had just taken my car to get fixed when this happened, all of this could have been avoided. Then I went deeper if I had not smashed into my garage all of this REALLY could have been avoided.  Yes, I backed into the side of my garage that I have been pulling in and out of for nine years. Hi, I’m Amanda. I’m the reason that women have the reputation of being bad drivers. I take responsibility for this, and I apologize to all women.


After running some last minute errands the day before I left on my vacation, I pulled into my garage; I felt like I was on top of my tasks, really getting things accomplished. And then, BOOM! The big spring came flying out of my garage door. Thank the Lord that I was still in my car and no one was in my garage. According to this article that the torsion springs, which I have, are the most dangerous. They make a safety devise for the torsion springs so that if they ever do break, they don’t go flying. I procrastinated and did not get this safety device. This guide also recommends an annual garage door tune-up. Lesson learned.


Real life is not always fun, but it is always funny. My procrastination always seems to bite me in the a**. One day I will get it together, not today, but one day. How was your week? Did you guys have anything exciting happen?

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