Tape This Here // Tuesday Ten

Tape This Here // Tuesday Ten

This week’s Tuesday Ten features a few sticky items like tape, wrinkles, procrastination, and a boob lifting sticky bras. Read through the list and enjoy. There’s something for everyone.


These Lucky booties are my new favorites. They have a wedge heel and a side slit. I got the sesame color, but they also come in black. A super cute lace-up version is available here in four colors.


② I recently bought a striped cardigan, and it sold out almost immediately. I found it here for under $30, and it’s available in five colors. It’s perfect to wear while cooking Thanksgiving dinner, or while watching someone else cook (hint, hint). I also found this striped cardigan and this long cardigan coat in multicolor that is perfect. All of these are under $30.


Procrastination is something I do very well. When I finally got around to opening some boxes that I had been avoiding for weeks, I found these shoes that I forgot  I had ordered. I love them. I found a similar pair here for $20 (5 colors available) and here for $25 (18 colors available).


④ Of all the primers I have ever tried, this one is my favorite and I have been using it for about three years now. It blurs imperfections, and the gold flecks in it will make your foundation more radiant.


⑤ This time of year always requires holiday dresses. Holiday dresses can make the bra situation um, sticky {ha}! I love this sticky bra that gives you a little lift. Some strapless dresses or lower cut dresses won’t allow me to wear this particular sticky bra so I always keep this one on hand.


⑥ Speaking of holiday dresses…make sure you have prepared for all you’re wardrobe needs by stocking up on this. This tape will allow you to hem something quickly, tape a risqué neckline, hide bra straps, etc. Also get a bra adjustment set, you never know what fashion requirement may be necessary. Peace of mind is worth the $9.


⑦ With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s time to make sure we have all our utensils in order. I bought this set last year. It is an investment. This set is available for $20. A good set of knives will last you for years. Keep them sharpened properly and do not put them in the dishwasher.


⑧ Of all the hydration boosters I have used, this one gives me the most bang for the buck. It is paraben and sulfate free. These microdroplets lock in moisture and help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.


⑨ The best thing about shopping at Sephora is the free samples. Maybe that’s not the best thing, but it’s pretty good. Once, I got this lip mask. I have bought the full-sized version several times since. I wear it over my Benefit Benetint, and it is the perfect color. It also keeps my lips soft all day.


10. Every year Banana Republic releases an embroidered sweater, and I buy it. This year they released it in black and gray. I bought both.


Your turn…

Is there anything on your radar this week? What items have you picked up recently that you love?

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