Synchronicity And Manifestation

Synchronicity And Manifestation


Do you believe in synchronicity and manifestation and all that woo-woo stuff? I totally do. Why not? It can’t hurt to have a little faith that something good can happen to you so dream on people, dream on. Synchronicity is a word coined by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung to describe the temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events. That last sentence is from the research I have done on synchronicity, and it contains big words that are a little over my head, but the gist of it is that everything that happens has meaning. We are all on a path that is leading us towards our purpose. Is that deep or what?


If you’re religious then you may or may not believe that God knows what will happen to you before you’re born, so everything that happens is leading you towards God’s purpose for you’re life, i.e., synchronicity. Everything that happens has meaning. We may not know why it’s happening at the time, but it’s leading us somewhere. In this case, only the Lord knows, and I prefer not to question the good Lord.


On the first day of the year, I wrote about synchronicity, how I received a gift and it restored my faith that I was on the right path. Yesterday the most unbelievable thing happened, synchronicity. I went to a meet-up with some girlbosses, and I meet another girlboss. It was Dr. Chelsea Smith who does mobile concierge service. Why is this synchronicity? Let me just tell you, one of my BHAGS (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) is to walk without my cane. BOOM! Syn-Chro-Ni-City! Now I am going to start working with her, and I am taking another step (literally) towards my goal.


I have dreamed, prayed, written down, talked about and manifested things that I need to lead me to my goals. Now I have to work to achieve them. While I totally believe in the woo-woo stuff, I know that hard work is the only thing that makes synchronicity manifest into reality.


What are your thoughts on synchronicity and manifesting? Tell me in the comments.

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