Stop Waiting For Monday

Stop Waiting For Monday/New Year

Monday of next week will be a brand new year, and I am so glad 2018 is over and a new year is starting on a new week. I went into 2018 thinking it would be the best. year. ever. In reality, it was the same as most every other year of my life; filled with highs and lows. I am thankful for one great thing that happened this year; I made it out alive. I am thankful for this every year, especially in 2007 (you can read about that here).


Everyone is out making resolutions for 2019, setting goals and getting ready to glow-up. The whole, “New Year, New Me” is everywhere right now and I’m over here like, “New Year, Same Hot Mess.” I mean, who were you last year? I was freakin’ awesome 64% of the time and that’s over half so…killed it. I don’t set New Year’s resolutions, or wait until the beginning of the month or week to start something. I’m a firm believer in starting before your ready. There’s never a perfect time to start. You will never know all. the. things. Trust me. I know 8-12 things depending on the day and I’m old af.


“If you wait until you’re ready, it is almost certainly too late.”

-Seth Godin


So stop waiting for Monday, there are seven days in a week. Stop waiting for a New Year; someone else started this year. Stop waiting for a man, get up and find him. Stop waiting until you lose weight, focus on your health and loving yourself just as you are. If you want to make a resolution, set an intention, or outline some goals, do it. Ready is too late; unless you’re going out, better to arrive late than ugly, at least that’s what my makeup bag  says and makeup is basically the only reason I’m late.


Stop Waiting For Monday


And while we’re talking about going out, let’s talk about this dress! It has ruching down the front, so it is the most figure flattering dress EVER! The ruching hides flaws like any lumps or bumps (goodbye Christmas weight), creates a cinched-waist effect (hello hourglass). You can also adjust the length to wear it with OTK boots or if you have short legs like me. I linked several ruched dresses below because everyone needs one of these in their closet. If you have ever driven by the Krispy Kreme Hot Donuts Now sign then you know exactly what I’m saying.


Stop waiting for Monday, it’s just a day, and this Monday is just another year. You can start doing whatever you want right where you are with right what you have.


Do you ever find yourself waiting until Monday? Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Tell me in the comments.


Stop Waiting For Monday

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