Staying In And Saving Money

Staying In And Saving Money


Friday night is “Date Night,” and I have a hot date with a good book and I’m not mad about it. Those casino coupons I got in the mail are calling my name but the only house that’s winning tonight is mine. Going out every weekend gets expensive, and I like to spend my disposable income on handbags, so a great way to save is by staying at home and entertaining myself, that may or may not be a naughty pun (it is).


The first thing to do on a Friday night is getting the eff over FOMO and checking social media. It portrays an unrealistic image of what it means to live a happy and fulfilled existence. Social media is a curated highlight reel. Stop checking if someone is having more fun than you are or has more going on than you do. I was not on social media at all when I was going through my bipolar meltdown. Nobody wanted to see that, and I sure as hell didn’t want anyone to see that. You are doing just fine; you’re not missing out on anything.


The next thing you should do is ask yourself what YOU like to do to enjoy your time at home. I like to read; it’s not everybody’s thing, so you do you. You can veg out and watch the Netflix, sew or do crafts, maybe cleaning and organizing is your thing. If it is, will you please be my best friend? We can have girls night anytime!


Staying In And Saving MoneyStaying In And Saving Money


If you’re a single mom, you could trade off with another mom and have a weekend to stay in or have a fella treat you, again you do you. Or you could do ladies night/play date and save money; the kids can entertain each other instead of paying for that trampoline place they’re into now. You ladies could have a spa night and save money as well.


I like to kick it up a notch with some Rosé, it is the freakin’ weekend, but my friend Stacey Pierce loves a $6 bottle of Verdi. If that’s not your thing, add lime to your water instead of lemon. Or go wild and drink soda {ha}. A word of warning, don’t drink and text! And if you get a text, deny. It’s too late, and you will be creating demand. If they were serious, they would have asked you before 9:30 P.M. on Friday night, js.


Some people enjoy going out every weekend and spending their disposable income; I enjoy staying in occasionally and saving money for handbags. The most important question you should ask yourself before making plans is, “What’s motivating my decision?” It’s YOUR Friday night, and you can do whatever you please, don’t let FOMO influence your decision.


Staying In And Saving MoneyStaying In And Saving Money



How are you spending your weekend?


* I want to add in a few quick tips about reading just in case it is your thing:

A) I frequent a local used book store where I can trade the books I have already read for new, used books to read.

2) If you join the mailing list at Simon & Schuster, you get a free ebook. I chose ‘A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life’ by Brian Grazer

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