Some Truth About Read Receipts

Some Truth About Read Receipts


The read receipts on or off debates have been brewing for years. Some say it’s polite and professional to leave them on; others say it’s an invasion of privacy. I find the response of both camps very interesting because…who cares? And why do they care? Granted, this is only a debate for iPhone users, Android users don’t have this option, so if you don’t know me, I totally have an Android cellular device.


If you’re married or in a serious relationship, read receipts are a great way to indicate that you did receive that text to pick up the milk, bread, Tampax, and kid. If you do not pick up the requested items, you are the only one to blame, point blank period. When the sender of this very important text notices that it has not been read, they know to call you ASAP and ask why you’re ignoring your dearly beloved. Why is everyone afraid of an actual phone call anyway? When your partner doesn’t call or read the text, it’s the perfect time for you to lay on a guilt trip and send them back to the mini-market to get the requested item and a $2 rose in cellophane as an apologie.


My biggest reaction to the read receipt was when I was married (the last time, not the first time). I would send a text to my ex, and he would read it, not respond, and continue living his life. For hours I would mind-f*ck myself and wonder if he was buying the crack rock, in jail, or laying on the side of the road somewhere. I tortured myself over a read receipt for years without even knowing why I was torturing myself. Btw, he was cheating on me, but for some reason, I never thought of that. So basically I was worried about someone who obviously wasn’t worried about me, AND I was worried about the wrong thing. It was a period of my life when I was very lame, but I own it, and I’m over it.


Now that I’m single and casually dating the read receipt is a hot topic. People will leave them off as a way to think of a great response (usually an excuse.) It’s also a great way to avoid a text until you’re ready to reply if you even reply at all. But here’s some truth, someone can have read receipts on, and while this makes you feel special, don’t. Read receipts can be turned on and off, you can check text in Airplane Mode, or like most people, read the text in preview mode.


Are we addicted to the need for a response, any response? Or just addicted to our phones? Instant gratification is a thing; I love it, but according to some important people (my therapist), it can be unhealthy. If you send a text and don’t get a response maybe you should call them. Is a response that important? Why do we feel the need to respond to every text? I have enough pen pals, and I am not a fan of the never-ending text messages. If you read my text and feel that it warrants a response, respond. If you read my text and don’t feel like I need a response, don’t respond.


Most people have their phone in their hand all day, er’day. If you sent a text, they probably saw it. Send the text and be over it, done. Life’s too short to wait on other people. There will always be some who leave their read receipts on; then there are the people who don’t need that kind of stress in their life.


Are your read receipts on or off? Why or why not?



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