Slowing Down {Tuesday Ten}

Slowing Down {Tuesday Ten}

The Tuesday Ten this week is all about slowing down and taking it easy. I am still trying to get my life together after the holidays. Here are the few things I found that caught my attention. If you look, they will catch your attention too. #TheGoodStuff


⓵  This pro-level treatment fights discoloration by removing over-pigmented surface cells, brightening skin tone, and fighting against environmental aggressors. Skin brightness may improve in as early as two weeks (fingers crossed).


Micellar shampoo is the best thing to use to counteract all that dry shampoo. It claims to lift away stubborn residue and oil without drying out your scalp, while the lathering formula itself hydrates and repairs split ends.


⓷ Any 12pcs Makeup Brush set that’s only $12 and are pretty enough to display too are a hell yeah!


⓸ The sexiest dress known to man was delivered last week, and I want to live in it, sizes are limited, but a similar one that I love just as much and may or may not order as well is available here. Can you ever have too many black dresses? No, no you cannot.


⓹ I LOVE this umbrella and get the most compliments when I carry it; it is everyone’s favorite. I found this umbrella for half the price.


⓺ Two of my favorite blazers are on sale! Black velvet tux-style (seen here) is 50% off, and this sporty navy blazer (seen here) is 40% off.


This bag is a dupe for the $700 Shrimps bag.


This $4 kitchen tool is the least expensive thing I use to add a little bougie to my cooking, when I cook (not often). And I totally feel like a master chef when I use my $10 olive oil spritzer.


⓽ Blondes have purple shampoo to tone the brassiness, and now I have finally found a shampoo to tone down the orange in my brunette hair.


10. The book I’m working through this week is The Clean Plate, and so far I am impressed. I made the Blueberry Cauliflower Smoothie is so yummy.


Did you guys find anything that caught your attention this week? Tell me all about #TheGoodStuff in the comments.

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