Off Day {Tuesday Ten}

Off Day {Tuesday Ten}

Sometimes I have an off day when I don’t wear makeup, and I barely leave the house. I enjoy these days (maybe a little too much but that’s just me). On these days of self-imposed seclusion, I do very little. However, I still do a little (as little as possible but it’s a little).


⓵ Whenever I take a day off from wearing makeup I still stay very moisturized. This moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid (Can you ever get enough? No, no you cannot.), a mushroom hydrator, and an antioxidant complex. It’s also paraben and fragrance-free. On the days I do wear makeup, it doubles as a primer.


⓶ Any off day requires self-massage, this massager allows me to get deep, focused pressure on specific muscles.


⓷ Inspiration always strikes at the most inconvenient times, am I right? When I am unable to make notes I use the Just Press Record app on my phone. It records my notes, transcribes, and allows me to share them to other apps on my phone. I send everything to Evernote.


⓸ I bought the most amazing cardigan coat (long cardigan)  at Zara, it sold out immediately. When it arrived, it was missized. I ordered a small, and it fits a 6′ man that’s 200lbs., I am just a little smaller than that. These events disappointed me but being the shopaholic that I am; I found a very similar one here. There’s a cardi coat that’s half that price here, and a dupe for the $148 Free People cardigan that I wear twice a week here for only $25.


⓹ Even on my days off, I keep my chia pet brows on point with this brow pencil and this iconic pomade.


⓺ On the days that I don’t wear makeup, I still wear moisturizer, do my chia pet brows, and curl my lashes with this heated curler. It is unlike most heated curlers because it rotates clockwise and counterclockwise, the curl will hold for hours. This curler is a magic wand because it A) straightens the bend in my lashes that a regular curler will leave and 2) it has the ability to melt some of the mascara off if I get a little too enthusiastic when I’m going out. I discovered it a few years ago when I tried eyelash extensions so I know it’s safe to use with those.


⓻ If I decide to leave the house (only for food), I want something very simple and comfortable to wear. I love this $15 dress and this flannel. I can wear the flannel tied around my waist to hide my food baby or as a light jacket if it’s cold outside.


⓼ These boots are a great dupe for the $680 Isabel Marant boots. Change the laces to a red or yellow and make them even more trendy.


⓽ I just ordered a book, and I cannot wait to read it. The excerpt that convinced me to order this one was, “…if you want to contest my theory and tell me that your version of happiness is not influenced by others-good for you-go walk on water somewhere else.” Yup, I am looking forward to reading this one.


10. While I’m reading, I multitask by doing laundry (the productivity blogs say not to, whatever). I own a lot of clothing that I never dry. But I do not want to shrink anything, ever. I love this drying rack. For the same amount, you can get this rack and this rack. All of these racks fold for easy storage when not in use.


Do you ever have self-imposed days of seclusion? If so, what do you do or not do on these days?

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