Nice And Easy {Tuesday Ten}

Nice And Easy {Tuesday Ten}

The Tuesday Ten this week features a few things that have made my life nice and easy for the summer while I’m traveling and when I ease back in at home. From helping me sleep to saving a little on must have sandals to my favorite new leisure set that I still haven’t taken off.


I just ordered an acupressure mat, and I have high hopes that it will do everything it has been hyped up to do; relieve back, neck, shoulder, and sciatic pain, induce relaxation, improve sleep, circulation, mood, as well as increase energy levels. It has been featured on the TV, so I am positive that it is going to work. Stay tuned.


A great sale on Staud bags (up to 50% off) is happening right now! I own four, and I want four more. A girl can never have enough handbags, seriously, never. A $25 dupe of The Shirley bag is here, and a $50 dupe of the Moreau bag is here.


Just got these espadrilles and ordered this pair as well. They will be so cute this summer with jeans, dresses, shorts, and bathing suits at the pool.


I have been using these wipes to clean the gunk on my phone screen and my camera lens before I use it and it has been a game changer. Each wipe is individually wrapped so I can keep a few in my bag when I am on the go.


Picked up a new pajama set and a new leisure top and shorts (which I have worn every day since I bought them, thank the Lordt I smell good) while shopping in Nordstrom because being comfortable is an essential part of my style.


I ordered this ointment to use at night for the beginning of a breakout and this to use at the end. Both are French beauty secret ointments used for acne.


This lighted phone case that I bought is phenomenal, heavy, but phenomenal. I found an identical one for all iPhone sizes except iPhone X for $15 here.


After trying every brand known to man, I finally discovered this beach wave spray, and it is my absolute favorite. It smells delicious, it doesn’t make my hair crunchy, and it’s a clean beauty product. This spray is also wallet-friendly and lasts forever; a little goes a long way.


When I get home, I have this book waiting for me, and I cannot wait to read about a small town girl who lands her dream job working for the first female editor in chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, Helen Gurley Brown.


I love all these $35 Who What Wear sandals available at Target.


What are your favorite things this week? Tell me all the things in the comments.

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