The Monday Struggle Is Real

The Monday Struggle Is Real

Today is the first Monday I have had to deal with real life since I returned from my Mexican vacation. It may or may not hurt a little (it hurts). I am trying to get back into the groove of things, and the struggle is real. Regardless, every Monday I drink coffee and pretend to admit that I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m doing it anyway. The following thoughts went through my mind this morning as I wrestled with my weighted blanket. Can you can identify with any of the following things:


  • Monday is not the perfect day to correct last weeks mistakes because it is only 24 hours long.


  • Monday’s are always the day that I’m full of food and booze and feel like a potato.


  • No one knows how to do laundry, so I have no clean towels (be on the lookout for an upcoming blog post on the effectiveness of using one paper towel after the shower).


  • My mailbox is full, so I get to sort through a landfill of junk mail and bills. All of which I wouldn’t open anyway but why am I the only one that can open the mail? (I’m talking to you man-child who doesn’t read my blog!)


  • I am returning to the gym after vacation, and my trainer will go beast mode on my a**. This is gonna hurt, a lot.


  • No one delivers coffee in my area, and I am too practical (i.e., cheap) to pay for it if they did.


  • I don’t have a glam squad to do my hair and makeup (first world problems).


  • I stopped day drinking, so I have to wait until evening to numb the pain of real life.


  • I have a man-child son who still lives at home #momlife for eternity.


  • A quote by Ricky Gervais that always makes me question my own life is, “Mondays are fine. It’s your life that sucks.”


But I want to leave you with a little motivation, no matter what mood you wake up in,


  • Monday is another day to put your bitchface on and kill it!


Your turn: Is that my bitchface or my I have no idea what I’m doing face? {ha} Tell me how you feel about Monday in the comments.

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