Minimalism Got My Attention {Tuesday Ten}

Minimalism Got My Attention


While having a conversation with someone recently, they mentioned how exciting it must have been to take photos in California for my blog.

“Uh, I didn’t take many photos in California. I went there for Alt. Summit, vacation, and physical therapy,” I replied.

“Oh. Why didn’t you take a lot of photos?”

“When I travel, I like to be in the moment and enjoy my surroundings. And when I’m doing something, I don’t want to stop and pull out my camera or phone to interrupt my zen.”


I try to take a photo every day, but when I travel to a new location, I am very childlike. Everything is new. I want to see and do all the things. When I am experiencing these new adventures, I like to participate. Since I have adopted this practice, my real life feels more like the highlight reel.


“I don’t fear missing out. I fear not giving enough attention to the things that I already know for sure are important.”

-Cal Newport



These sandals were my most worn shoes last year like so worn the sole fell off, and I got a new pair this year. They are already my most worn pair of shoes since the weather got warmer. They are that good. Maybe I should have one of those rubber soles put on? Trust me; you need these. They elevate the most casual outfit, and they pair well with a dressier look as well (last seen on me here, here, and here).


I got this bag for spring, and it is perfection, it goes with everything. A similar bag is available here for $19, and an adorable crossbody is available here for $17.


This Q&A with Cal Newport on digital minimalism is one of the best articles I have read this year. Newport suggests beginning with a thirty-day detox during where you stop using any “optional technologies” that you can forgo without causing harm in your professional or personal life (you probably need email; you probably don’t need Facebook). The theory is that with thirty days of abstinence, you’ll be able to figure out when tech stops being useful and starts being problematic…Spreading your time and attention over these low-value things takes your time away from the things that are disproportionately higher value. Not only can his theories be applied to our digital world but they can be used in other areas of our lives as well. This article is worth reading.


Vintner’s Daughter is my favorite face oil, but it is very pricey. I recently tried Sunday Riley’s Juno Oil, and it is the most comparable thing I have found for a third of the price. My skin is dry, and it soaks this oil up. I also love that it is a clean beauty product.


Recently while I in Venice beach and I had to park on the street; California was like being in a foreign land for me, so I was unprepared. As I lugged my overstuffed Prada bag, 82-pound camera, $32 in bakery goods, and a $40 bottle of wine back to my Airbnb, I wrapped my mind around minimalism. I didn’t need my big bag that day; my small cross body would have sufficed and held my Canon G7X which takes unbelievable photos. The $32 in bakery goods sure as hell were not necessary, and I gave them away, but I couldn’t resist the smell, and they looked so delicious in the case. The wine was a necessity. I do not regret the wine. If my hands had not been so full of unnecessary crap, I could have done bicep curls during my 72-mile hike, and I would have gotten a full body workout, all the while snapping fabulous photos of the minimalist landscaping I passed that possibly would have won awards.


An article by an organizational expert compares our physical space to our headspace, Shira Gill suggests organization as a pathway to a clearer mind (and closet). Gill’s practice is about ridding yourself of stuff to feel good. In this article, you will find mental and physical impacts of clutter to consider, immediate benefits of organization, and immediately actionable steps to take.


When I saw this pair of shoes, I fell in love. I ordered them half hoping they would be too narrow. They were not. They were even better in real life. When a shoe looks this gorgeous and is comfortable the first time I wear it, it’s a keeper.


Claire Leaden ate like a French girl for a week, and this post on features everything she learned. I am obsessed with all things French, and I plan to try this as soon as I am home for a week.


I read Fierce People on the plane, and it was like The Royal Tenenbaums social climbers edition. I loved this book and could not put it down. Dirk Wittenborn’s writing was so talented, and each page captured such nuanced detail I felt as if I were in the story. When a writer can transport me into their drama, I experience the events along with the protagonist, and I enjoy the book from cover to cover. This book was one of those books.


Now that I’m back home in the beautiful pollen capital of the world I rely on Lumify eye drops twice a day to avoid looking like a vampire. A sweet friend told me about these, and I don’t know how I ever left home without them. The difference in the whiteness of my pupils is 1000% percent. I may or may not have guessed at the percentile, but I’m a blogger, not a mathematician. These eye drops are not the most economical, but they are that good. You can add them to your Amazon subscription to save a little, use Walgreens bucks, Publix coupon, etc. A few retailers may let you return them if you try them and are unsatisfied (try Walgreens, Publix, Amazon), you won’t be.



Minimalism can get extreme, and people can get lost in the idea of removing everything except the bare necessities from their lives. As I sit surrounded by unnecessary hodgepodge, I am looking to purge the excess in favor of what’s necessary to bring happiness and fulfillment to my life. I may not need four sets of china, but I may need 200 pairs of shoes. How do you view minimalism?


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Minimalism Got My Attention

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