Leopard Is A Neutral

I love leopard, and I own a lot of things with leopard print; shoes, handbags, coats, pillows, dog beds, tweezers, and the imaginary stair runner I have yet to find. As I’m making this list off the top of my head (and I didn’t even include everything), I realized how much leopard I do have. Thank the Lordt it’s a neutral because as I was putting this look together for a New Years option I realized that I didn’t have a bag to go with it. As many handbags as I have which is obviously not enough (OBVIOUSLY!), I don’t have a neutral clutch. But I have a leopard clutch which is hallelujah, amen a neutral.


I bought this dress and teddy coat on Black Friday, and I have been waiting around to wear it. I had it all paired up in my mind, it was going to work so perfectly together, and then no bag. Whatever a leopard bag works with everything, am I right? Yes, yes I am. So does a leopard coat and shoes btw. I may or may not be morphing into the weird old lady that only wears leopard print with pearls and smells melons at Walmart. I will totally rock that look, but I will get kicked out of Walmart for throwing the melons, js.


Leopard Is A Neutral


Anyhooters, I had to work with what I had (story of my life), so I went for a tone on tone look, it works in my bedroom decor so…I am willing it to work here too, with my mind {Ha}. It works because everything is in the same color family. If you don’t have a leopard bag, get one ASAP. I linked several below. And get some leopard pillows, plates to throw at your man, and a fuzzy leopard robe to wear to Walmart; be sure to stop by and tell me hello, I’ll be the one smelling the melons.


What are your plans for New Years? Are you going out or staying in? Tell me all about it in the comments.


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