Jumpsuit | One-And-Done

Jumpsuit || One-And-Done

From its first appearance in 1919, created for parachuters and skydivers, the jumpsuit was destined to become a fashion icon. Elsa Schiaparelli really put the jumpsuit on the fashion map during the ’30s Paris couture scene. The jumpsuit is an all-in-one style statement. On those days that you don’t know what to wear, put on a jumpsuit. It is a one-and-done piece of clothing. A jumpsuit can be the answer to unpredictable weather. If it’s chilly in the morning, wear it with a jacket that you can peel off when the weather warms up.


Jumpsuit || One-And-Done


A fitted waist and a looser leg tend to be most flattering. A belt will pull your look together and flatter your waistline. You don’t always have to stick to the belts they sell with the jumpsuits. A nice leather belt, a leopard belt (because leopard makes everything better),  or a long scarf will work equally as well. Heels look great with jumpsuits, especially when worn at night. I wore this one for a daytime meeting so I wore a kitten heel. Depending on the event you’re attending use your own judgment/comfort level. Match your shoes and belt to pull your look together. Jumpsuits can require accessories to demand attention so choose wisely. If your jumpsuit has a detailed neckline (like the one I’m wearing here) simple jewelry might be best. The fact that you’re wearing a jumpsuit, especially if it has wide legs, is statement enough. If yours has a simple neckline and it’s a solid color, chunky and bold jewelry will pop.


Jumpsuit || One-And-Done


Jumpsuits are also great for layering. You can add a great blazer to make it ready for business. Add a sweater on top and you’ve just added a new pair of pants into your wardrobe. I can see this jumpsuit with a sweater and boots already. A great jumpsuit is worth searching for because it can help to camouflage the body parts you are unhappy with. This one helped (a little, maybe) hide my upper arm fat (you know what I’m talking about). There are no limits to the silhouettes available so it’s an option for all body types. How many do you own? Whats your favorite silhouette?


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