It’s A National Day

It's A National Day

Every day of the year is a national day of something and today is National Personal Trainer Awareness Day and National Cream Puff Day. These days are oxymorons or go hand in hand depending on your sense of humor/mood. Is it like, be aware of the trainer’s who will whip you into shape after you eat cream puffs? Or don’t be a cream puff, go get a personal trainer? To be safe, I shall do both {ha}!


Shoutout to my trainer JoeJoe who I have been working with for 5 years, I am aware that you’re awesome! I don’t know how he tolerates me because I still see fitness as a necessary evil. I only exercise because I have to (you can read about the fitness journey I never wanted to take here). Like many others, I slacked during the holidays. It’s a new year and once again I’m dusting myself off and getting back into my regularly scheduled program. It will only hurt a little.


The only way I have ever been capable of sticking with a workout routine is by making it fun. Fortunately, my trainer is fun and my t-shirts are fun. Each day I dress for my moods and the t-shirts I wear to the gym are no exception. My collection says something meaningful, motivating, or sassy. T-shirts are a way for me to express my moods on any given day without actually speaking to anyone because sometimes I’m just not ready (we’ve all been there).


It's A national Day

bag (available in 5 colors, Staud dupe for $24 available at same link)


This t-shirt collection of mine has grown over the years because I buy them everywhere, usually on the sale. I have also received several as gifts. Express has great tee’s and they are usually on sale (under $20), a bigger selection is available the interweb. I also check the men’s (size XS) and boys (size XL) section in stores and online, Old Navy has a great graphic tee selection. If the men’s/boys sleeves are a little off, I use scissors and cut huge armholes and wear a strappy sports bra to make it more feminine.


If wearing a funny tee motivates me to go to the gym, that’s a small price to pay for my health (I linked several at the bottom). Motivation Is very different for everyone so it’s important for everyone to find what works for them. Fun and laughter are my thing, some people need peace and tranquility, others need more of a hyped up workout that makes them sweat hard and feel the burn. Take this free quiz to find your motivation style.


Do you follow these National Days throughout the year? Do you know or have a personal trainer? Will you eat or be a cream puff today {ha}?



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