It Says Something Funny {Tuesday Ten}

It Says Something Funny {Tuesday Ten}

The Tuesday Ten this week is all about my love of things that say something funny, being independent whether you want to or not, and pesky price tag removal. And shoes, there’s always shoes.


⓵ Tuxedo stripe booties dress up any look. The style pictured is on sales 50% off here (in limited sizes), a wedge style that’s 50% off is available here, a similar style with red stripes under $60 is available here, and another bootie with a stripe under $35 is available here.


⓶ My love of things that say funny s**t may be getting out of hand, said no one ever! I have expanded from collecting t-shirts to collecting clutches that say something catchy too. Olympia Le-Tan is my absolute favorite, but they are outrageously expensive. I supplement the few I have with other kitschy bags like this one and this one.


⓷ I finally ordered an entry mat. Of course I went with something funny that suits my personality and will irritate my neighbors {ha}. I got this mat and this runner for the French doors and this one for my other front door. If you don’t have a story like mine (there’s a reason I chose these) or you don’t want to be that aggressive this one is perfect for dog owners and this one is perfect for those who hate drop by visitors (everyone hates drop by visitors, it’s not funny, don’t do it).


⓸ If you’re like me and ate all. the. things during the holidays eat all. the. things. all. the. time, these are nice to have on hand for the days that you wear a skirt or loose pants. There’s no shame in my game.


⓹ My lady friends and I discussed accepting help carrying packages. Some ladies feel comfortable with this, and some ladies are afraid of being robbed. I refuse to accept help because I want to show the world how strong and independent I am. I am also single af and help is unavailable 984% of the time. This handy, dandy gadget makes life a little easier when I actually decide to buy groceries. Shoes, I buy shoes.


⓺ I just ordered these mules made by one of my favorite brands that feature a translucent strap. They are classic and edgy, and I know they will be comfortable.


These pumps were very, very comfortable the first time I wore them and they are a dupe of the $550 Alexander Wang Cate heel.


⓼ Do you ever buy a glass item from a discount store with a price tag on it that takes hours and an act of Congress to remove? Well played TJ Maxx, well played. Spray it with cooking spray, let it sit for an hour or so, and it will scrape right off. You can save those pre-approved credit cards that come in the junk mail for this. I also buy the least expensive cooking spray I can find solely for this purpose; I am not using my expensive aerated olive oil for scraping discount stickers.


This hair vitamin is the only one that has ever worked for me. I read about it in a magazine years ago, they can’t print it if it’s not true, I whisper to myself as I read celebrity gossip. It works but…it’s pricey, and you have to continue to take it. If I stop, my hair doesn’t grow as fast, and it’s not as full. So, yeah, there’s that. They say the best treatment for your hair starts from within but taking the vitamins is a lot easier than changing my habits, js.


10. Reading is something I do a lot. Like, I read more than I watch TV. I don’t even have cable. This week I read another thriller, and I finished it in one day because I could not put it down. This book had a twist at the end that I did not see coming.


Did you guys find anything that made you laugh or made life easier this week? Tell me in the comments.


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