How Sweet It Is {Tuesday Ten}

How Sweet It Is {Tuesday Ten}

We’re at that time of the year in the South when the weather is in that perfect sweet spot, not too cold and not too hot. I get to wear all my favorite summer clothes, but I can eat my favorite treats because it’s still layering weather so I can hide the sugar rolls and swollen toes with a thin hoodie and loafers. The Tuesday Ten this week is filled with some sweet little finds to satisfy a sugar habit, a few things to soothe the mind, and a new cleaning product’s that are down-to-earth.


As a last minute Mother’s Day gift there is a subscription to Dessert of the Month Club. Each month oven-fresh desserts are shipped from some of the country’s finest bakeries. Another idea with the dessert of the month is going out with your mother for dessert and tea or baking sweet treats together. Quality time with mom is the best time, enjoy it while you can, and mom often has the best recipes.


Target just released Ever Spring, a sustainable cleaning line with 100% recyclable bottles and sprayers. These products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, if you don’t like them, return them. They are made clean, to clean, and look clean; finally, a cleaning product that looks great on the counter.


I just ordered the sweetest little hoodie and shorts to lounge in on the weekends, or every day if I’m honest. I will be wearing this set with my favorite cheetah slippers to Target to buy sustainable cleaning products for someone else to use.


Quay sunglasses have become my favorites not only because they are big enough to cover my giant face, but they are economical as well. Nordstrom has double points through May 12, so I ordered this pair, and I am looking at this pair as well. You can never have enough sunnies, am I right. Yes, yes I am.


Oh, sleep, at night I want to do anything but you, and in the morning you’re the only thing I want to do. I have tried everything under the sun, moon, and constellations to get a good nights sleep and now I’m trying this compression mask. I love an eye mask because I need total dark and silence before I even attempt to sleep. This mask blocks out light as well as offers relief from migraine headaches, sinus pain, and eyestrain.


No makeup makeup is my kind of makeup, and I never leave the house without makeup, nobody wants to see my real face, trust me. And no makeup makeup is never complete without a nude lip. I just ordered this new lipstick in Bitch Perfect and this one in Le Nu. I plan to cover both with this collagen gloss in a sweet pink for plumper looking lips, fingers crossed I look like a Real Housewife.


On a recent trip to New York City, I was unprepared for the cold weather. I hit on the train and had these loafers shipped overnight to my hotel. They were comfortable enough for me to walk to the nearest Nordstrom Rack and load up on discount sweaters to brave the freezing temps for the remainder of my trip. These loafers have a collapsable back so they will look cute with shorts and dresses for the rest of spring. I love the preppy look of loafers with khaki shorts in the summer. A less expensive version can be found here.


My favorite oversized tote that sold out immediately last Spring has been brought back this year. It’s gorgeous, sturdy, and I use it and abuse it on every trip I take. A structured tote this size under $20 can be found here.


Initial necklaces are a great conversation starter, and it’s especially sweet when you wear someone else’s initials. I love wearing two separate necklaces like this one with my mom and dads initials (you can wear your children’s initials or your first and last initials). I just ordered this necklace to layer with my other everyday pieces.


For my upcoming trip to Mexico, I ordered this book about a crazy mother-in-law (I can relate) and this book about serial killer spouses (so important to keep the romance alive) to read on the plane and at the beach. I love to escape from my crazy life into someone else’s for a minute.


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