His Gift Was My Break

His Gift Was My Break

As a Christmas gift to my son, I sent him on a trip with all the youth’s that for some strange reason, seem to live with us. I do not know how I became the cool mom; I did not sign up for this. Seriously, someone in the application department needs to be fired because I am completely unqualified. I failed at raising my much younger ex-husband, and my son is exactly like me (a hot mess); so parents, come get your children, they are not safe here!


Anyhooters, my point is…sending my son on this little Christmas vacation was the best. gift. ever. (for me anyway.) It has been so nice having the house to myself for the past week, as a mom that probably sounds bad. When our babies are away, we should worry and miss them and feel guilty because we aren’t there to take care of their every need. I don’t. #sorrynotsorry

His Gift Was My Break

As a mom, a woman, and a human being, I needed a break. The holiday blues have had me feeling so low that I was not being good to my son, myself, or society. So this gift, that was for him turned out to be the best gift for both of us. He got a Christmas vacation with the vagabond children that have become our family and I got a vacation of solitude to recentre. I feel better now than I have since Thanksgiving, and I am finally ready to stop letting guilt control me.


Anytime I feel my emotions begin to take over (hello holidays, it happens every year!). I know that I need to take a step back and get refocused. I’m old af, so I know exactly who I am and what makes me uncomfortable at more core. I know my morals and values. I know what makes me happy, sad, and straight pisses me off. When things start to get out of alignment, so does my life. When this happens, I take a break. And finally (praise the Lordt) I stopped feeling guilty for it. I have to take care of me and mine (child, personalities, I mean moods, etc.) before I can take care of you and yours.

His Gift Was My Break

I would like to end this post by awarding myself with the greatest, most indulgent mom award ever! Not only did I send my son and our vagabond family on a Christmas vacation to a lovely cabin in the mountains, but I also let him drive my fancy car while I drive the basic rental car. You are welcome son, even though you don’t read my blog (but I’m sending you the link so HA!). So start saving your my pennies now, next year you’re sending me on a singles cruise for seniors. #loveyoumeanitlater


Who else needs a break from being a mom? From the holidays? From life in general? Who’s tired of feeling guilty about needing a break?


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    1. There was a time when I missed him when he was away, I think. lol This has been the greatest week of self-care ever!

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