Cheers To The Crazy Ones

Cheers To The Crazy Ones

Cheers to the crazy ones, myself included. Yes, I’m aware that I’m “politically incorrect” by calling myself crazy. But I’m totally crazy sometimes not all the time, but sometimes. Now before you jump on the whole, “Stop. That’s so offensive.” bandwagon, just let me do me, a pun may or may not be intended here. I think we can all be a little more tolerant and of how people refer to themselves. Okay? Cool? Cool.


It’s over (the holiday season), and I can finally breathe. The holidays haven’t been the same since I lost my parents, all the beloved traditions have been lost with them. The holidays can be particularly difficult for people who suffer from bipolar disorder and depression, myself included. I was diagnosed as a manic-depressive (they call it bipolar now, I do not know why) when I was 13 years old. Bipolar is having or relating to two poles or extremities. Yup, that’s me. One day I’m full of energy and the happiest person on the planet, the next day I’m dead inside. For the record, I am under a physicians care. Yes, he has a license. No, it’s not fun (probably because I don’t get the really good antipsychotics).


The holidays are over, and I am ready to celebrate, totally bipolar right? So cheers to all the crazy ones who can pick themselves up and keep going, myself included. And cheers to the ones who believe that they will achieve their dreams despite the odds. Like Katie from Metal Marvels, who makes the bracelets I wear every day. She started her empire with big dreams and no solid plan. And Danette from Lass & Lions craft vodka. Her background as a biomedical engineer, botanical expert, and spirit enthusiast led her to the idea that spirits can be more than just alcohol. She also believes in the female progression in business and the spirit industry. FYI I stole that description from their website, so she is too legit to quit! Cheers to closing out this year with all the powerful and inspiring women I have met who are “leaning in” (or something someone important said, it was Sheryl Sandberg btw). #thefutureisfemale


This post is not sponsored; I love Metal Marvels and Lass & Lions and the #bossbabes who started the companies. I have been wearing Metal Marvels bracelets for over two years, and I love the company. Recently I was introduced to Lass & Lions craft vodka, and the Desire is my favorite. It’s a subtle vanilla flavor, and so smooth that you can drink it straight out of the bottle, like a lady.


There is a stigma that goes along with mental illness being crazy, but I have found it to be similar to being a single 40ish year old woman, you get used to it. Never stop chasing your dreams, ask for help when you need it, and celebrate every small success and failure, YES! Celebrate your failures too; failure is just a lesson. A frustrating and stupid lesson but whatever, it’s a reason to consume booze {ha}.


Who or what do you guys like to cheers? Are you happy or sad that the holidays are over? Tell me in the comments.



If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, you are not alone. You can reach out to mental crisis hotlines; several are at

But if you are afraid that you or someone you know might hurt themselves or someone else, call 911 immediately.


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