Casual Dress Code {Tuesday Ten}

Casual Dress Code {Tuesday Ten}

Lounge/casual clothing has become the overall dress code this year, and I’m not mad about it. It’s all about feeling as good as we can, and if our clothing can bring us a modicum of comfort, then we should wrap ourselves in every piece of comforting clothing we can get our hands-on. I take comfort in the relaxing familiarity of the tried and true staples that have yet to fail me.


I am on my fourth bottle of this Vitamin C serum, and it is amazing. Every morning and every night, I use it before any other serum, and I have seen a noticeable difference. It’s a clean beauty product, so my sensitive skin doesn’t react.


Organic Coconut Oil is something I cannot live without. I use it every day after the shower in the place of lotion, and my skin has never been softer. I have 16 contact allergies, and coconut oil has been a lifesaver for me. Not only is it extremely moisturizing, but it is also versatile as well. I use it to deep condition my hair, as a shaving oil, cuticle treatment, and mix it with coffee to make a scrub.


These sneakers are finally available after searching for over a year. Every pair I found, until now, had glitter. Now they are available, and my wait is over, I scooped them up the minute I saw them because I knew they would sell out quickly.


The vintage Jackie bag has been my favorite for years. Any bag named after an icon needed to be in my collection. If you’re a collector like me, there’s one available here.


I bought these slides two weeks ago (last seen here), and I have worn them non-stop. They are perfect for transitional weather, and they go with everything. Love them! They are worth every penny.


This product creates effortless, undone waves, and it can be used at the roots as a volumizing spray. I have gone through three bottles, and the bottles last forever. It’s also half the price of most iconic texturizing sprays.


When I received this oversized sweater, I was so impressed that I ordered this one too.


I love wearing a matching set when I’m at home, and this black set is my favorite. But, this knit set is a very close second runner up.


On the rare occasion that I leave the house, I like my face mask to match my clothing, so I just ordered this mask for my brown clothes and this one to wear with my black clothes. In the past, I used these disposable masks.


This puffer coat will be lightweight yet warm enough to transition perfectly from fall through winter.



Casual Dress Code {Tuesday Ten}

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