A Little Pause

A Little Pause

I looked around and realized it was all just too much. All. of. it. It was overwhelming, and it was about to swallow me whole. Then I realized I was responsible for all of it. I was overwhelming myself. I started all of it, and I could end it all. There was no reason to feel this way. So I took a little pause.


As someone who is an all or nothing type of person when I decide to do something, I do all.the.things. Correction, I start all. the.  things. And I get overwhelmed with 8,747 projects going at one time. It can be a lot. I needed a break. I didn’t take a break, per se, but I worked on something else by cleaning off the mountain of clothes that were on the other side of my bed. Yeah, I had become that person. Are we mole people?


On Monday I like to start the week off by spewing some motivational wisdom and telling everyone to kick some ass and show the week who’s boss, but this Monday I’m going to reinvent my routine by taking a little pause. I did not finish my Monday Musings post about hedonism, so I took a little pause on that post to spill the truth about what’s going on behind the scenes.


I have been trying to get two huge projects off the ground, and that has consumed most of my concentration over the past few weeks. Soon, I will know more and will be in a position to share all the news once I get everything up and running. Meanwhile, all of the other projects, yes all 8,747 of them, have taken a back burner, my apologies.


A twelve day trip to California is on the books, and of course I have waited until the last minute to start getting ready, I mean why get ready ahead of time? There’s less stress if you do it that way and who am I if I’m not high strung? Alt. Summit is in thirteen days, and I have so much nervous energy that I cannot think straight! This year will be my first Alt. Summit and I am seriously pumped, like Arnold back in the day. My agenda is printed out, and I have checked off all the conferences/events/speeches/lessons I want to attend which is all. the. things.


Not only is this my first Alt. Summit but it’s my first trip to California, ever. If I’m flying across the country I have to make the most of it, right? After learning all. the. things. at Alt. I am taking a two-day pause at Joshua Tree. A little hiking and enjoying this National Park will help refresh me before my next stop. Have you guys been to Joshua tree?


When I leave Joshua Tree, I am going to Venice Beach for three or four days to work with The Human Garage on a personal goal; to walk without my cane. My trainer told me about this place, and after looking them up, I got on the waitlist. The Human Garage is everything I have been looking for since my accident to help with my alignment and getting my body in balance. I am very hopeful that I will achieve some great results. Stay tuned…


Do you ever get overwhelmed by all the things that you have to do that are a part of daily life? Do you ever get overwhelmed by all the additional things that you take on?


I am so excited about my trip! I want to make the most of my trip to California so if you know anything tell me in the comments.


P.S. My skirt didn’t fit my hips, but I decided to make it work anyway by pulling it up and wearing it as a high waisted; I had to leave the buttons undone, but it made the slit a little sexier. Va-va-voom



A Little Pause


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  1. Maybe a brief class on project management would help you organize and release stress. California one, anywhere north of San Francisco is great, particularly the redwood forest.

    1. I use time batching and I get a lot done but I want to do all. the. things. I can’t wait to see California. Seth will want me to see The real Housewives neighborhoods {ha}!

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