7 Tips When Taking A Trip Together

7 Tips For When Taking A Trip Together

The idea of taking a trip, whether it’s a quick weekend road trip or a romantic cruise, with someone always seems like a such a sweet idea, until it turns into that time when you really got to know each other and nothing was ever the same, in the worst type of way. Why not let the trip be the chance to get to know each other where nothing was the same, in the best type of way? It will take a little compromise, I know, compromise requires effort, but if you want an actual partnership, those require effort, js.


Try these 7 tips to enjoy quality time with your partner on your next trip and avoid the mistakes I may or may not have made on previous escapades with a partner.


The Road Trip


A quick road trip is one of my favorite weekend getaways with a partner because it allows you a little alone time in the car to talk, it’s usually a close destination (usually), and the road trip can take you to a favorite or a brand new locale. However, time alone in a car for hours can make anyone cranky, so keep a few things in mind.

  • Decide on a playlist, car game, or just conversation ahead of time.
  • Pack a few snacks and keep them handy.
  • Don’t fall asleep, if someone is driving you, stay awake, and stay present for them.
  • Don’t nag the driver, especially hard if I’m the driver, but don’t do it.
  • Map out your route ahead of time and pre-plan any stops for sightseeing, fuel, or food.
  • Use the time in the car to enjoy each other’s company, not to hold them hostage for listening to your complaints; there are other times for that.




Decide on a location you both agree on ahead of time. I like the country, city, mountains, and beach; I like all the things. Not everyone feels the same, check with your partner ahead of time. If your partner refuses to go to the beach (these people exist), a tropical getaway might not be the best choice. However, a 3-day cruise could satisfy both of your needs. Likewise, if your partner requires multiple outlets to run their life, a mountain getaway with only candlelight could be out of the question. Although there are some great cabins in the mountains that could satisfy both of you, talk to each other and work together to find a compromise.


7 Tips For When Taking A Trip Together





It’s always best to set a budget ahead of time, if possible. I am the queen of spontaneous trips, so like I said, if possible. When you’re planning a getaway together, decide ahead of time who will pay for what. Will you split everything or is one person responsible for one portion of the trip while the other handles the incidentals, etc., etc. I once had a partner who would pay for one trip, and I would pay for the next. It worked for us. Financial experts, I am not one btw, suggest having a travel budget. The most important part of money talks with a partner is actually to have the talk, before the trip. Talking about money can be uncomfortable, but it can be a way to discover another level of each other.


Be Spontaneous

If you have a designated travel budget, as those expert people suggest, you can dip into it from time to time for a quick, low-cost getaway. When I plan my trips ahead of time, I can budget for a nicer hotel, if it’s a spontaneous trip, I can stay in a no-tell motel and be just as happy.  Or maybe you have a budget and plan your vacation well in advance, either way, be spontaneous in jaunting away for a quick weekend and be spontaneous when you are on your trip. Plan to see some highlights but leave a little room in your schedule for things that may come up during your trip. I always talk to the locals and find the best off the beaten path things to do wherever I visit.


7 Tips For When Taking A Trip Together




Don’t overpack! Yes, the lady who is always tragically overpacked is suggesting that you not overpack. I travel alone most of the time, so I don’t have to consider other’s when traveling. When I do, I can pack more efficiently. A capsule wardrobe and planning ahead will make you or break you. Be considerate, if you overpack, you take up more space on a road trip, need more space in the accommodations, which could be very limited, and look like a total diva. Use packing cubes, travel size toiletries, and take the bare minimum, but don’t overpack.





Taking a trip with our partner is the moment that is going to make them fall in love with us and decide that we are the one they have been looking for their entire life, right? Yeah, no. It may or may not work out this way, ever. Keep your expectations in check! Taking a trip together should carry the same expectations as spending a day together, the two of you will enjoy one another’s company and possibly learn something new about the other one. Don’t expect the best possible scenario that could ever happen to be the outcome and for the love of all that is holy, stay positive and don’t expect the worst from a trip with your partner. This getaway is a time for two people to bond and have a little alone time together while seeing fruit stands or the Eiffel Tower; the only expectations you should ever place on anyone is yourself.


Be Present


Enjoy the moment and be present. We are always on our phones trying to show everyone what a great time we are having, snap a photo then put down your phone and have a good time. Live in the moment wherever you may be and enjoy the company of your partner. When two people take time out of their busy schedules to spend time with each other, they should be with each other, not with each other AND all their friends on social media.


7 Tips For When Taking A Trip Together



What tips do you have for traveling with a partner? Share them in the comments.

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