3 Reasons I Go To The Gym

Gym, The Friend I love To Hate

Oh, gym you’re good to me in the worst type of way. Some people love working out. They get a rush, feel all healthy, they can’t proceed with their day unless they get in a good workout. I am not one of those people, but I do it anyway. Why? It began as a journey to lose weight (you can read about that here). I continued working out because of discipline/habit or some nonsense. Now I am beginning to think I’m a masochist or something. Although I do not enjoy working out, I do it for the following reasons:


①. Exercise is good for my health. We all know working out is good for our physical health (weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, the risk of cardiovascular disease, etc.) but it has been wonderful for my mental health. I was diagnosed with depression when I was very young, and exercise can be an all-natural treatment. Anytime I can escape to the gym and get away from the environment that is causing me stress; I feel immediate relief. If the gym is not an option for you, try walking or running outside. Swim in the lake or a neighbors pool. Take your yoga mat to your backyard or rooftop.


②. I lost over 60 pounds, and I have maintained my weight for four years. In the beginning, I exercised a lot harder. Once I got to a certain point, I couldn’t push myself anymore. Your body knows what it is physically and mentally capable of, listen to it. According to this article on Self.com, I did something right; there’s a first time for everything {ha}. I scaled back, and I have maintained my weight. I fluctuate between the same 5 pounds but this is normal, and I do not stress, EVER.


③. The best benefit of exercising has been some relief of the chronic pain that I feel in my body. I have disabilities resulting from my accident, but chronic pain can be brutal. While recovering, my body became extremely weak. Once I started moving around again, I had to build my strength or I would deal with tired and achy muscles every day. Did you know most back pain is weak muscles? Once I started going to the gym, my back pain was almost nonexistent. This study also shows that exercise has improved effects of pain sensitivity and tolerance. I have never felt better physically or mentally. Convincing myself to get out of bed and is the biggest struggle.


The mental and physical benefits of exercise are unquestionable. What type of exercise is not as important. I joined a gym because I was stuck at home and I wanted to feel a sense of community, anywhere. Exercise can be done anywhere, alone or with a friend or family member. There are so many free exercise programs on the interwebs to get you started. The only time I would recommend joining a gym is if you suffer from disabilities. The indoor pool can be used for water therapy, and that is priceless.

*Disclaimer: I am not a trainer, so I never tell people how to work out. I have a trainer because I have no idea how to work out. The only thing I am recommending is some daily movement for your physical and mental health. You should always consult a physician before starting any workout regimen.



Your turn: Do you guys workout on a regular basis? Have you noticed a difference since you started? Have you always worked out? If not, do you plan to start getting some daily movement? Tell me in your thoughts in the comments.

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