10 Amazon Prime Day Buys {Tuesday Ten}

10 Amazon Prime Day Buys {Tuesday Ten}

Prime day is here, and my cart runneth over. I find so many good deals on Amazon that adding a sale on top just tapped into my vacation fund (if I ever get to go on vacation again). This week’s Tuesday Ten is filled with prime day finds, most under $100, and some under $25 featuring fashion, beauty, and a few electronics.


This off the shoulder sweater under $20 is so great there’s a waitlist; get on the list today. This $14 sweater is similar, but the color I wanted (3 colors available) wasn’t available in my size.


 These satin pajamas under $20 would make a perfect gift. Or a perfect lazy Sunday outfit. I love this short set that’s under $25 as well.


I bought this yoga top and this workout top along with this sports bra. I also got these shorts to complete my new workout look. Each item was $22 or less.


Levi’s are up to 45% off, so I got this jacket (sherpa version available as well) I have had on my list for a minute, and I love these jeans (I have 2 pairs).


Loving this coffee (or wine) tumbler that keeps your drink warm (or cold) and looks stylish and sophisticated. This set (so pretty) is a great investment if you want to have a tumbler for each family member. If you often entertain, a set would be nice to have for nights by the fire pit.  Or, if you’re like me and need a few to rotate between dishwasher cycles is perfect.


Upgrade your makeup mirror with a lighted version that’s perfect for putting your best face forward or better face forward in my case (minimal effort exerted most days). I could not live without my lighted vanity mirror, and I highly recommend everyone has this on their makeup table. They are a game-changer. I like this one with an attached organizer too. I got this lighted mirror for my car.


A great thing to add to your home on prime day would be a portable Bluetooth radio or sound system. How great is it to blast your favorite playlist while you’re getting ready? **Place the speakers on opposite sides of the room for the best sound.


This dress (in the photo above) is on sale for less than I paid (I know to wait for a sale, almost everything goes on sale), and I love this one too; it’s cuter than the one I own, so I got it. I also have this dress, and it will be perfect for resort wear.


This eyelash and eyebrow serum are the best I’ve used, and it’s 30% off at checkout.


The disposable masks (mentioned here because we all need masks right now) that I have been wearing for months are 30% off, so I ordered another box. While I have a couple of reusable masks, having disposable masks is so convenient. I can keep a stack in my car, and everyone with me will have a mask; we’re all prepared. If I lose one of these masks or it breaks, I don’t stress because I can always grab another one from the box.


Did you guys shop prime day? What did you get? Tell me in the comments.

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